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Everyone wants a lush lawn that is healthy, green, and inviting, but not everyone knows what is required to make this happen. The professionals at Custom Lawn Care know what it takes and provide coreaeration services that give fantastic results.

Core Aeration

A Process of removing small dirt and grass plugs (cores) at consistent intervals. What is the Depth of Aeration? Depth is approximately 3 inches.

Reasons to Aerate

Helps reduce thatch and compaction on your lawn.

Our Aeration and Overseeding Program Includes

  • Detailed instructions for preparing your lawn to achieve maximum results
  • Double core aeration of the lawn
  • Seeding with 6 pounds of specially blended, 100% weed-free seed per 1000 sq ft.
  • Detailed watering and mowing instructions

How Often Should You Aerate?

  • Clay soil – At lease once a year
  • Sandy soil – Once a year, or alternating years
  • All other soil types – Once a year, or alternating years.
  • Dry climates – Twice a year to enhance lawn performance

Double Aeration and Overseeding Can Transform Your

Lawn Fast!

Custom Lawn Care’s double aeration and overseeding service can help lawn recovery from damage caused by insects, disease and droughts.

Just as the name implies, our service involves aerating the lawn- twice. This creates a fantastic environment for grass seed to thrive. At the same time, we spread grass seed over the entire lawn. Not just any grass seed – we match the seed that will grow the best in your unique soil and light conditions. Aeration allows the grass seed to make contact with the soil at a deeper level which leads to a greater level of germination compared to spreading seed without aeration.

Overseeding will improve your lawn by filling in bare patches, creating an even color and helping prevent weeds. Fall is the best season for double aeration and overseeding. We match the seed to your specific area.
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