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Benefits of Lawn Fertilization

Why Lawn Fertilization?

  • Helps plants and grass grow by providing nutrients that may  be missing from the soil

Preparing Your Lawn

  • Works most effectively after a heavy rain or a good watering. Wait one or two days for grass to dry and apply best lawn fertilizer

Soil Temperature

  • Ground should be between 10°C and 18°C (50°F – 65°F), as this is the temperature most grasses will grow


Why Use an Experienced Company

  • Optimal Timing: We know the best weather and time to apply
  • Correct Rate of Material: Homeowners often dispense 35% more than needed and harm their lawn 
  • When done correctly safe for children and pets to enjoy the lawn.

Enjoy Your Life~Enjoy Your Lawn

Custom Lawn Care Exclusive Fertilization Program


Our early Spring application will promote a fast green up and help your lawn recover from Winter stress. This lawn service application includes preventative crabgrass control. Custom Lawn Care weed control will be applied.


We apply a balanced best lawn fertilizer to promote color, thickness, and overall good health. It includes preventive crabgrass control. In addition to feeding the lawn, we will treat for weeds and surface feeding insects.


If you can’t handle Summer heat, imagine how your lawn feels. We fertilize your lawn to prepare for the hot days ahead and we treat for weeds and surface feeding insects as needed. We will be watching for the early stages of disease. Grub control will be applied.


Summer heat is hard on a lawn. To help fight drought, disease and insect stresses, we apply unique, balanced early Fall treatment. We stay on the lookout for weeds, surface insects, and disease and let your know if anything needs to be addressed.


With Fall closing in we strongly recommend aeration and seeding to help recover and replanish many grass root systems. This often makes the difference between an average lawn and an excellent lawn.


Our Fall treatment features a granular fertilizer that will help prepare your lawn to not just survive but to thrive during the months ahead. In addition we apply our lime treatment applications. 

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