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If you are a New York City dweller and looking at your lawn, you are wondering, “How hard this lawn maintenance is !!” or thinking yourself, “Where to find the best affordable lawn care service near me in New York City?” then have a sigh of relief my friend !!! Custom Lawn Care is here to guide you out of every and every issues dealing with lawn care and lawn maintenance; starting from fertilization and ending in weed killing, and also other important things that come between these two.

You Can Expect The Best From Us

The lawn care services provided by Custom Lawn Care is guided by specially trained staffs taking care of your lawn according to your local climate in New York City, and of course according to your own choice. As a matter of fact Custom Lawn Care service gives the assurance on presenting you the most perfect lawn that you’ve always dreamed of in any neighborhood in the city of New York. Read more here…

Custom Lawn Care Owns Exclusive Location in New York City

Custom Lawn Care owns exclusive location near you in New York which are operated by individuals who lives and works right in your local community. The experts here have plenty of experience on working on different areas on New York. So why contact local lawn care services when you have Custom Lawn Care at your doorstep near you ? Specially, when the quality of lawn maintenance is on the line, your choice should be pretty obvious. Contact us today and get your FREE Lawn Evaluation Service!

Custom Lawn Care Professionals vs Local Lawn Care Maintenance

Custom Lawn Care differentiates itself from local lawn care services near you through its unique, carefully planned and well-organized approach to lawn maintenance. Lawn maintenance team of Custom Lawn Care center near you will determine the exact kind of services to provide you. As it is quite obvious that the soil type of New York City is pretty much different than the soil of Texas. Moreover, the soil of New York may vary from block to block and community to community. Therefore, the soil treatment of different areas will also be different. Custom Lawn Care’s local experts near you will have an in depth analysis of your soil and your local climate and then do the lawn care and maintenance job accordingly.

Make Lawn Care the Easiest Task with Custom Lawn Care Aeration & Seeding Program

Aeration is considered as one of the most difficult tasks concerning lawn maintenance. It involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. This task is quite time consuming. But be relived, because Custom lawn Care is here to do it in the most perfect manner for you. Custom Lawn Care experts with their unique expertise and equipment will aerate your lawn flawlessly.

After aeration, comes seeding. Your lawn needs perfectly timed seeding to be turned into a good leisure passing place. Thanks to Custom Lawn Care maintenance team because they know in right when and how to seed your lawn and turn it the best afternoon playground for your kids in the neighborhood of the busy New York City.

Make Your Lawn More Enjoyable with Custom Lawn Care Weed Killer and Grub Control

Custom Lawn Care’s Weed Control program will enhance the beauty of your lawn by eliminating invasive weeds and unnecessary plants. The Weed Killer program is designed in such a way that it would protect your lawn from crab grass to dandelions to nutsedge. At the same time, it would apply pre-emergent weed control to stop new weeds before they start growing.

The Grub Control program of Custom Lawn Care will protect your plants and grasses from common larvae and insects that may suck the life out of your lawn. Grubs are very destructive lawn insect that chew on the roots of healthy turf grass in the late summer/early autumn. Grub damage results in brown areas of the lawn showing no sign of recovery after watering or fertilizer applications. These areas will lift up like a carpet exposing the grabs and the shallow turf grass roots. Skunks, raccoons, and birds will feed on the grubs causing more damage to your lawn. Custom Lawn care will ensure that your lawn may stay protected from grubs and pest.

Beautify Your Lawn with Custom Lawn Care Lime Treatment and Fertilization Program

Lime is a very important factor in case of growth of grasses in your area. It determines the pH balance of the soil which, in turn, determines the grass types and its growth. For example, the pH balance of most soil in New York City is 6-6.5. But it is not the same in every area. But you can skip all this hassle as you have Custom Lawn Care at your service. When Custom Lawn Care is your ally in terms of your lawn care and maintenance, you’ll be provided with services like what kind of grass is good for your soil, what should be the pH level and also when and how to spread lime over the soil and so on. Get our Lime Treatement service today!

Custom Lawn care Fertilization Program will ensure the desired fertility of your soil. Not every kind of soil has the same type of fertility. That is why, it is quite needed for a beautiful lawn to determine the fertility of the soil beforehand and, if needed, use fertilizer on the soil to ensure the best possible outcome. Custom Lawn Care service in your area will provide you with each and every service related to soil there is to make your lawn greener and more attractive.

Make Your Lawn More Alive and Greener with Custom Lawn Care Thatching Program

Thatch develops naturally as lawn grasses grow and slough off roots, shoots and leaves. Thatch can be good for grasses to some extent but most of the time it is proved menacing for the soil as it prevents moisture, oxygen and nutrients from penetrating the soil. Custom Lawn Care Lawn Thatching team will let you know when to de-thatch your lawn and how, so that your soil get enough moisture from the atmosphere.


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