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Lawn Care and Maintenance: Call Professionals or Do It Yourself?

Custom Lawn Care Tips 1: Make a Checklist

Lawn care maintenance involves a number of tasks and these tasks should be done one after another and by maintaining the time. Perfect timing is everything when lawn care is your primary concern. You should know when to do aeration or seeding, you should know when to put fertilizer and so on. That is why, Custom Lawn Care recommends that you make a checklist of tasks concerning your lawn maintenance.

Custom Lawn Care Tips 2: Testing the Soil

The first thing you have to consider while doing lawn care is the soil. As it is said earlier, soil types differ from place to place, city to city. The soil of New York City is different from the soil of Washington. Also, if you are living in some block of New York City, the soil of your backyard may differ from that of your neighbor living in another block. That is why, soil testing is very important.

Soil is composed of minerals, organic matter (living and dead), air and water. It provides with most of the primary things necessary for any plant including grass. That is why, you have to determine if your soil is acidic, neutral or alkaline. After testing your soil, you will know which and which nutrients are missing and to what extent. Also, you will know about the pH level of the soil which is pretty much important for lawn maintenance.

Custom Lawn Care Tips 3: Choose the Right Fertilizer

Surprised ?? Yes, there are different kinds of fertilizers in the market. That is why, the second thing you need to do after soil testing is choosing the right kind of fertilizer for your own unique lawn care. Do some research before buying fertilizer. Also you may counsel some specialist and seek some advice to know which kind of fertilizer suits best for which kind of soil.

After aeration, comes seeding. Your lawn needs perfectly timed seeding to be turned into a good leisure passing place. Thanks to Custom Lawn Care maintenance team because they know in right when and how to seed your lawn and turn it the best afternoon playground for your kids in the neighborhood of the busy New York City.

Custom Lawn Care Tips 4: Get a Sharp Mower

Though looking at someone mowing their lawn as a part of maintenance seems quite easy, it is not like that. The first thing you have to keep in mind is your mower should be very sharp. If you own an old mower than go to nearest hardware store and sharpen the blades. Needless to say, you have to be extremely careful while mowing cause if you do not do this right than your lawn may not look well despite all other efforts.

Custom Lawn Care Tips 5: Weed and Pest Control

Weed and pest control while lawn maintenance can be quite tricky. Again, do some research on what kind of weed you got in your lawn. Also, know what kind of pest is attacking your plants. You can visit our Weed Control Service Page to learn more.

Custom Lawn Care Tips 6: Watering Your Lawn

Every plant needs water. Therefore water your lawn regularly so the grass gets enough water to grow. Also, it would make your lawn look greener and more lively.

Custom Lawn Care Tips 7: Core Aeration

For this part of lawn maintenance, you have to get a aeration machine. In New York City, renting an aeration machine should not be much difficult. After renting the machine, you need to transport it to your home and determine which time is perfect to aerate your lawn. Also you have to handle the machine correctly and carefully. But before doing that, read the manual or consult a specialist.

So these are the basics about lawn care maintenance by yourself. If you are thinking these are too heavy for you then you are most welcome to contact Custom Lawn Care any time. Please feel free to call for lawn care service as well as any advice on doing lawn maintenance work by yourself. Custom Lawn Care guarantees your 100% satisfaction on presenting you the most perfect lawn in any neighborhood in New York City. That is how professional we are !!!
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