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Learn about the most common harmful six pests that are threatening for your lawn. Read our Custom Lawn Care Blog and get updated!
It’s an exemplary contention: You versus The Pest. As you give it your best shot to keep your grass sound, these basic nuisances nibble and tunnel their way through your diligent work. In any case, it’s an ideal opportunity to advance up and be the legend that your garden merits. Look at the absolute most basic vermin that damage your grass and discover how to overcome them for good.

Leatherjackets (European Crane Flies)

In case you’re finding huge patches of harmed, yellow or thin grass this spring, European crane flies might be the bug to fault. All the more particularly, it’s the crane hatchlings that do the harm. These hatchlings, ordinarily known as leatherjackets, are in charge of eating up sound grass roots and stems.

To help diminish harm to your yard, consider an all-regular treatment that applies useful nematodes to the grass in the spring to help decrease the invasion. On the off chance that you start to discover groups of these dark colored, worm-like hatchlings later in the year, a nematode treatment can deal with the pervasion before the hatchlings have an opportunity to overwinter in your grass.

Another famous strategy for controlling this bug is normal predator control. Leatherjackets are a favored nibble for flying creatures, however remember that winged animals can likewise harm your yard by pecking, burrowing and scratching.

As per the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, more crane flies are found in zones with undesirable or inadequately settled turf. With a specific end goal to keep your grass free from crane fly hatchlings, make a point to keep up a solid garden by guaranteeing legitimate soil seepage and routinely expelling cover develop.

Fire Ants

Nothing stings very like the acknowledgment that fire ants have asserted your yard as their turf. These vermin are a noteworthy disturbance, building monstrous and unattractive hills over your yard. They’re additionally forcefully regional and have an agonizing chomp and sting, making your yard a perilous place for pets and youngsters. The hills worked by flame ants likewise do harm to your yard by uncovering grass roots and making an uneven surface.

When fire ants start to construct hills in your yard, they will keep on building more. That is the reason it’s imperative to treat your yard with an application that will overturn the subterranean insect settlement by devastating its ruler and anticipate resettlement over the whole yard.


Try not to be tricked by this misnomer – armyworms aren’t worms by any stretch of the imagination. These caterpillars love to crunch away at grass cutting edges, which makes your yard a best feasting goal. On the off chance that your yard looks battered, or if your garden’s leaves are stripped uncovered, there’s a decent possibility a pack of armyworms is walking through your grass.

Look out for grayish-green caterpillars with a striped example running down the length of their bodies. Since armyworms commonly feed around evening time, check under free soil and fallen leaves amid the day. On the off chance that you do find armyworms, basically handpick the annoying creepy crawlies and drop them it into a compartment of sudsy water. This technique, joined with customary thoughtfulness regarding the state of your grass, should monitor the armyworm populace.

Chinch bugs

Chinch bugs will actually drain the life out of your garden, puncturing the sharp edges and encouraging on their dampness. These minute creepy crawlies recreate in amazing numbers, enabling them to wreak devastation over huge patches of grass and at times even a whole garden. What’s more terrible, they can assault a few times in a single season. Chinch bugs discover sweltering and dry conditions perfect, making them a typical irritation in the late spring.

The most widely recognized indication of chinch bug harm is substantial, dark colored fixes in your garden. Now and then, chinch bugs can cause changeless harm that is just repairable with a seeding or sodding treatment. So in the event that you speculate you have a chinch bug pervasion, the correct sort of assurance and garden mind is fundamental.

Since chinch bugs are so little, a pervasion can be hard to recognize. That is the place proficient help can have an immense effect in guaranteeing your garden remains solid!

Mole Crickets

These tunneling bugs are a typical issue for gardens in the southern district of the U.S. Mole crickets make burrows simply under the surface of soil and gobble up the underlying foundations of your garden, removing and drying out grass sharp edges all the while. In the event that you spot hills of soil and dried out patches over your garden, mole crickets may be the reason for your yard harm. In any case, don’t hope to see the guilty party face to face, as the mole crickets feed around evening time and fundamentally live underneath the dirt.

One measure to keep a mole cricket pervasion is keeping your garden clear of overwhelming layers of cover. Cover makes an appealing situation for mole crickets to overwinter and repeat. One successful approach to oversee cover is through a grass air circulation benefit, which improves cover breakdown by presenting the garden to the supplements and water it needs.


Mosquitoes, the most abhorred mid year bother, drain the enjoyment out of everything. While mosquitoes don’t do physical harm to your grass’ turf, they make it trying to completely make the most of your outside space.

There are a couple of deterrent measures you can take at home to debilitate mosquitoes from staying nearby your yard. Expel wellsprings of standing water around your yard, checking void vases, junk jars, tires and other piece materials.

As a general rule, home solutions for repulsing mosquitoes basically don’t cut it. To dispose of mosquitoes from your yard, our authorities will apply Custom Lawn Care Mosquito Defense. Month to month uses of this mosquito control recipe will annihilate mosquitoes in your yard inside 24 long stretches of the principal application, ensured. Try not to surrender your life outside – exile mosquitoes for good!

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