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Lawn Thatching

A Must to Guarantee A Thick Lawn

Remove Failing and Dead Grass

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De-Thatch Your Lawn Today

What is Thatch?

Thatch is a dense mat of dead grass, roots, stems and debris that accumulates between the soil surface and gowng blades of grass. 

This forms a barrier that prevents moisture and air from going to the soil and roots, where your grass needs it.

Why Dethatching Is Necessary?

Dethatching removes unwanted thatch. With the thatch removed air, water, and nutrients can better penetrate the soil and grass roots.

There are several lawn services and methods to dethatch lawns and our world class Custom Lawn Care experts will choose the best suited method for your lawn.

Know The Benefits of Dethatching

  • Improves lawn health
  • Increases the turfs ability to fight disease and dehydration
  • Promotes denser growth and ensures a more vibrant lawn
  • Turf becomes healthier and more resistant to insect damage
  • Stronger roots – helps tolerate excessive heat and dry conditions
  • Enhances soil, water and fertilizer uptake to achieve a greener lawn

We Provide More Than Our Service

  • Best done in early Spring or early Fall
  • We will dethatch your lawn with a power rake, pick up excess debris and mow the entire lawn
  • All other soil types – Once a year, or alternating years.
  • Dry climates – Twice a year to enhance lawn performance


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