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Weed Killer

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Weed Killer

Weeds are defined as plants growing where they shouldn’t be. Most weeds are native plants. They usually grow well and thrive in their native environment, your lawn. Eliminating the weeds in your lawn is the key to having a yard your friends and neighbors will envy

The professionals related to Weed Control Services at Custom Lawn Care know when ridding your lawn of weeds, you want them gone fast. We use a quick, effective, and safe method of weed removal on your lawn keeping your grass looking healthy

We Provide The Most Effective Weed Killing Formulas

  • Iron Chelate Formula

    -An organic, green alternative to traditional herbicides

  • Selective Targeting
  • -Focuses on weeds without harming the plants or grass around it

  • Method of Elimination

    -Iron toxicity eliminates the weeds

  • -Product is absorbed by plant tissue and transported down to the root

We Have the Safest Method

-Can be used where pesticides are banned

-People and pets can re-enter area once the treatment has dried


-Effective between 10°C and 29°C (50°F – 85°F)

-Results often seen in 24-48 Hours

-Can be broadcast over a large area or used as spot treatment

-Can be watered 3 hours after application

-Can be used on new seeding areas 7 days after seed germination

-Can reseed turf areas 24 hours post-application


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